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    EPIC 2008EPIC 2008 main hall

    While attending EPIC 2008 I was invited to Experientia (Torino, Italy) to collaborate on some current projects! My presentation was scheduled on the opening of the conference in the above hall – we spoke from the funny podium on the far left of the image. 


    Experientia is the Orange building at the center of the collage. Clear skies permit a breathtaking view of the alps that reminds me of Mt.Hood on a clear day. Sadly, Torino experiences sunny days as often as Portland does. 
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    Mulafanso - Flickr setMy favorite coffee bar.

    Mulafanso Water - Flickr setMulafanso’s water fountain.

    I have been spoiled by Mulafanso, but I am unsure how to surrender my Dunkin Donuts ;) 

    Le Fanfaron

    Le Fanfaron
    My favorite restaurant!

    Fanfaron features homemade food that is available in limited quantities each day, and is often sold-out by 13:30 – 13:45. If you arrive early you are treated to bread right from the oven! 

    Weather<br />

    Grey skies with moments of light, occasional views of gorgeous mountains, laid back local population…Portland? No, Torino…or so I thought. 

    Portlanders do not use umbrellas, Torino residents do.

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